The Weight Weenie Nitrous


I love my Turner Nitrous. I have been riding and racing this bike for 2 years now and there’s no end in sight. This frame is the foundation but I am always remodeling it by swapping out parts. It keeps me from getting distracted by all of the new carbon bike propaganda. Sure, I’ve kept up with the news on all of the carbon bikes out there but as of right now, for the money, you really can’t find a better XC rig than the Nitrous.

For example, the biggest buzz this year has been about the Scott Spark. The Spark LTD has a claimed weight of 20.59 lbs. and that’s smokin’ light for a full suspension bike. With that target to shoot at, I have swapped out my fork with the ultra trick FRM Bi-Carbon Ti Airway 85 and low and behold the Nitrous now weighs 20.39 lbs. That’s in full race trim with Stan’s in the tires, bottle cage and the computer mount. The FRM unit is very similar to the new DT Swiss XRC 100 (formerly Pace) that is featured on the 2008 Spark.



The only other change from the last time I weighed it was a new rear derailleur. I was at Helen’s Cycles the other day and saw the new 20th Anniversary Edition SRAM X.0 rear derailleur and had to have it just for the black and gold color scheme. I really am a hopeless gear junkie.



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  1. Brett Miller on September 13, 2007
    That XO short cage is one sexy morsel of gear.
  2. Jay on September 14, 2007
    Sweet lookin' ride!! It just sucks though that I could never get one because the rider weight limit for that frame is 165 pounds.
  3. Rob Blue Author on September 14, 2007
    Jay, The Turner Flux is pretty much the same bike as the Nitrous with no weight limit and it only weighs 1 pound more. The same build would yield a 21.5 lb. full suspension rig. Still super light. Get yourself a Turner!
  4. Travis Hosman on September 18, 2007
    Dam thats siiiiick! To bad Im a fatty and could never get away with a bike that light. My hard tail Yeti weighs in at 21.5 XL of course.
  5. Sascha on August 14, 2008
    who needs a Ferrari when you can have a bike like that??? sweet ride! I keep my bike heavy so I can loose pounds off my carcass!

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