This past sunday was the end of a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend which included a visit to the “Turkey Trot” cyclocross, race #7 of the SoCal Cross Prestige Series. I wouldn’t be racing, but I was there to support Kayla, Evomo’s youngest rider of 5 years of age, was there to race her first CX race. It also happened to be her 1st race sans-training wheels.

We got to the event, checked in and got her number… 188. Sounds like a lucky number. We had plenty of time to warm up and talk through some tactics. I made sure she had her Rabobank water bottle, Evomo jersey (by Pactimo), Helmet, Crank Brothers stickers, Sock Guy kids socks, CLIF Kid ZBaR (organic) and red vines licorice. After she added a few last minute sponsor logos to her bike and got her race instructions she was set.

Evomo rider Kayla at the start line

We rolled up to the start line and waited for the go. This course would be only a fraction of the 1.6 miles of full blown cross course set up at Verdugo Park… I mean come on these are 5 year olds… and some even younger pimpin the tricycles.

Kayla rides for evomo with no training wheels

As the sound of the announcer the race was on and it started out with a steep climb up a grass hill then transitioned off the curb on to pavement. It was now an all out sprint to the finish line. It was really exciting for all the kids and Kayla especially! She was eager to get back on the course and do it again. Sounds like she is hooked on cycling and racing!

All the kids are winners

The kids were all treated to awards courtesy of Cliff Bar and lunch was provided courtesey of PAA Cycling the events hosting cycling club. Thanks Matt!

Hot Dogs and Sidi’s

Carolyn Popovic pro women

We ran into Carolyn Popovic who had just got back from racing on the chilly East Coast. Her and Kayla had not seen each other since Sea Otter so they had a lot to catch up on.

Neil from Road Magazine

Neil from Road magazine was their racing and so was Jon Miller who was racing in a ShoAir kit. We talked briefly and I didnt have a chance to ask if he left the Amgen MTB team or just didnt have time to do laundry.

Neopolitan Ice Cream Man races cross at the Verdugo Turkey Trot in Glendale

The day was fun and we had some time to watch the men race and see my favorite racer, the “Neopolitan Ice Cream Man” and the Pro women before we had to leave.

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  1. Michael "The Ninja" on November 26, 2007
    Sweet!!!! Sick kids evomo jersey!
  2. Darin on November 27, 2007
    GREAT JOB!!! The future of MTB racing right there. Keep up the great work!!
  3. Justin Lund on November 27, 2007
    Now this makes me proud of being a cyclist. Good to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Priscilla on November 28, 2007
    SOOOOOoooo stinkin cute!!! love it! :D
  5. Emma on November 28, 2007
    Hey thats so cool!!! And yeah, nice jersey - good to see!!!
  6. Jay on November 29, 2007
    Thats awesome! Cool lookin' jersey. I wonder if mine would get that small if I kept it in the dryer for a few hours? lol Thats great that the kids are getting involved at such a young age. My son was 3 when I took off the training wheels and he had a room full of BMX trophies at the age of 5. Now he's hooked on riding just like me! Way to go Kayla! Keep up the good work!
  7. Jon on November 29, 2007
    Even the adult riders don't look as cool as Kayla. Looks like cycling is in the genes!
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