Ergon grips and packs BD1 BD2 GX1 GP1 E1″>Ergon grips and packs BD1 BD2 GX1 GP1 E1

Evomo Team received a container load of Ergon Green Goodness. As you can see from the photo, the 2008 Evomo factory Team will be outfitted with new ergonomic grips and gimbal style back packs.

As some of you readers may know, I have already been riding with the P1 grips for some time now and after some slight adjustments to the angle I really honestly dig them.

Ergon pro-racing mountain bike grips

Having such awesome equipment sponsors doesn’t always mean the product is 100% perfect in everyway. Last fall we did go out of our way to approach companies we believe in for sponsorship of the Evomo Factory Team, rather than just looking to collect as many discounts and freebies as possible. Thats not our style at all. Ergon is one of those top-teir innovative companies creating rock solid prodcuts with awesome attention do design (which we are suckers for at Evomo) and exceptional functionality.

Ergon BD2 pack size large

As for the killer looking Ergon BD1 and BD2 packs, I have to admit, I am pretty darn excited to try these out. I plan on using the BD2 pack since it has more cubic space than the BD1. For one reason is I can seem to ever go on a ride without taking my SLR, minitripod and flash with remote pocket wizards. I have already tested the fit out and I can comfortable squeeze a Nikon SLR, SB-28 and 2 pocket wizards nested inside a LowePro TZ1 for added padding… even still there is room for snacks and my crank brothers mini tool and spare tube.

ergon h20 port bladder pouch

Unsnap the outer harness to access the zippered main compartment. The black ERGON rubberized pannel has elastic bands which allow you to stuff clothing/like a rain shell/jacket… maybe even a helmet for the freeriders who like to shuttle.

inside the BD2 ergon back pack

inside there is a pouch for an H20 bladder (not included) and an elastic draw cord for holding down some loose items.

lots of compartments in the Ergon BD2

There a few little zipper pockets which are good for thinks like a mini tool, drivers licsense ID, chewing gum or maybe an 5 inch stainless steel locking blade or an extra 9mm clip.

ergon BD2 h20

and real quick a snapshot of the top of the pack with the H20 port for running your camelbak style water bladder tube out of.

One key thing about the Ergon packs (BD1 and BD2) are their exceptional ergonomic fit to your body. Once us Evomo guys have hit the trails and the races with these, we will report back to the blog here with our reviews and comments.

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  1. Justin Lund on March 16, 2008
    Yeah the Ergon stuff is pretty sick. I've been lucky enough to have been using the grips all last year on my Nitrous
  2. Priscilla on March 17, 2008
    Very Nice. =D Love my Ergon grips!
  3. takahashi the ninja on March 18, 2008
    can't wait for mine!!!

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