Well for one thing, everyone I talked to said there is very little, well actually, no promotion of any of the National Mountain Bike series events on a local or national level. The only people that know about the event are the racers and avid mountain bikers that like to race. Even the avid guys, the weekend warriors are not showing up when they should, if they new how there are a lot of top level companies displaying their products. There are some pretty cool things to do, even if you dont race such as test ride bikes, see equipment, even purchase stuff parts like Kenda tires, Dianese armor and even test drive FJ cruisers on some off road terrain. Also, what a great chance to meet pros and talk with them as well. Where else can you ride the same course as the pros, talk to the pros, and even get autographs or in my case a date with Willow Korber! We went to subway together and then saw a movie, College Road Trip with Raven and Martin Lawrence. She even missed her race cause we were having such a blast, but she said it was worth it to be able to hang out with the brains behind Evomo.

Fontana NMBS #1

So back to my rant on how the Nationals, yes NATIONAL MOUNTAIN BIKE RACES, are poorly promoted. Everyone talks about how they want to grow the sport, yet there is no promotion of the sport in any capacity outside of the already established click of mountain bikers. What about local papers, radio ads, appearances on radio morning shows? Sure it costs money, but geeze not everything costs money – get creative. Think about this: Take the 18 wheeler NMBS truck and go on a highspeed (lowspeed) chase across LA county and you will get huge news coverage, for free! People will tune in and see this crazy trailer truck with like 30 cops chasing it and think, what is NMBS? I need to find out, I need to be there at the next race! Plus you need to blog about it from your wireless PDA from inside the truck.

no one is at fontana

One last thing I need rip on is the website. http://bluewolfevents.com/ is the official National Mountain Bike Series website which is nice, clean and has some good information. Although in my opinion it is way to conservative and has nothing that represents what the venues are really like, no photos of the actual events, nothing that promotes the vendor area and participating companies like Evomo, no listing of activities such as the FJ cruiser test drive, the street bike stunt show, food vendors, the list goes on! But, no one knows about it. By the way the street bike stunt show would have been way better if there was fire and partial nudity.

toyota tundra

Anyone visiting this site will think, oh its just a race for the pros and leave it at that. Sea Otter Classic on the other hand clearly lists and does plenty of press releases that describe all the fun activities and things to see and do besides racing! Go figure, that must be why I see crowds of families , spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends hanging out while their loved ones go off and race. They know there are some cool things to do and see… which there is at the Nationals, only once again, nobody knows about it.

Ok well, I just had to get that off my chest and meanwhile for those of us that came to the race on Saturday we did have a good time and met a lot of cool people like Phil at RideSFO, Rich Houseman from Yeti and Nicole from Decline Magazine.

ride sfo

Plus our awesome friend Jim at Kenda was there in with a massive Kenda trailer and lots of tires to sell, for really good prices!

jim at Kenda tires

Turner bikes was there, (official Team bike sponsor for Evomo). Word is the Nitrous will not be manufactured anymore, but you can still pick up the Flux as your tried and true XC bike or of course the bad-ass DHR.

Turner Bikes

And to wrap a great day for Evomo, Matt Connors snagged 2nd place in the XC race with Nitish Nag taking 4th and Michael Takahashi getting 7th in the DH.

Matt Connors and Nitish Nag

Next stop for Evomo: Sea Otter Classic

Next race: NMBS #2 in Arizona

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  1. Rob Blue on March 31, 2008
    Matt is awesome! The NMBS series on the other hand sucks at promoting the sport. A lot of the fault lies with USA Cycling which also sucks at promoting the sport. Until we get a rock star kind of rider in mountain biking like Lance was for the road, MTB racing in North America is going to be a joke compared to the rest of the world. It's going to take a personality like that to bring attention to the sport because the organizers and promoters (if they can even be called that) have no fucking idea. The only branch of the sport that has any energy behind it here are the ultra endurance events like the 24 hour events and the stage races. The people putting these things on get it and make it and "event".
  2. Brett Miller on March 31, 2008
    next year the national series will be better, so they say, getting rid of the big bear debaucle and making more local hotspots and dubbing them with the "national" brand. cant wait to see if it works, in the mean time, sea otter is my start of the season. I knew i didnt want to waste my money on "Fon-toilet"
  3. Clint on April 1, 2008
    NMBS and USA Cycling are going the way of the dinosor. Underfundeed, underpromoted and just not cool. Organizations like Epic Rides are the wave of the future. Great events, great vibe in great locations.
  4. Travis Hosman on April 1, 2008
    First let me say I will show up to any race Ned Overend brings his moustache to. Second Little or no cash prizes are involved, less incentive for competition. Third if I may echo Rob, alot of these events are boring as balls for the non competitors, no dirt jumping no nothing exciting. Fourth Clint and I have allways speculated the best events are shorter tracks with more laps and more intresting trail features, like burms, wups doubles triples and drop offs. It seems like mountain biking has gotten into making money by selling mountainbikers an event. Instead of selling the public and sponsors an image like other sports have sold an image. I think its time for a new image for mountainbike racing
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