Evomo Aquires MtBikeriders.com

As of midnight tonight Evomo Inc. has completed negotiations with the MtnBikeRiders.com and BikeCommuters.com owners and have acquired all five sites under their umbrella including thebikegeek.com and mountainbikriderstv.com.

Evomo’s acquisition of the MtnBikeRiders network of websites and blogs is a step towards further extending its control in market industry related news portals as well as user generated content particularly in the cycling world. The details of the transaction are at this time unavailable.

Both companies have performed well in the past year, despite the mediocre economy we are having right now and seemed pleased with the details of the transaction.

“As far as Evomo is concerned this is all about growth and profits,” Sedrik Vomir, Marketing and Sponsorship Director of Evomo, said in a conference call. He said he expects that the growth of the Evomo brand in particlar requires that we have access to the public in multiple outlets and its best to have complete control over those outlets as well as the public.

MtnBikeRiders Founders Moe Ramirez and RL Policar and the rest of the staff will be on board until suitable replacements can be found as most of the staff has already announced that they will be taking their undisclosed cut and leaving permanently for various places such as Catalina Island and Hometown Buffet.

When asked what how he felt about the deal, Ramirez of MtnBikeRiders said, “It was about F#$%^ing Time! We’ve wanted to do this for so long!” “We worked our butts off to make sure that we got noticed and bought out quickly”. Policar said, ” I’m glad I don’t have to put up with the staff any more – geez, it was like trying to babysit little kids after a night of drinking…excruciating!”

Some exceptions of course are expected and word has it that Lance Lowry, one of the staff writers at MtnBikeRiders, was found behind a local steak house suffering from meat induced delusions, this after spending 10+ years as a devout vegan.

This is apparently just the first of a many purchases to come for the Evomo corporation. “We have a list of a dozen or so companies we are looking to aquire over the next 20 months”, said Vomir. “and as a fellow compettior once told me, we are not going to stop until we have complete world domination!”.

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  1. Clint on April 1, 2008
    This news will terrify competitors at the starting line. They will always be wondering if EVOMO will just up and buy their sponsors out and they will be out of a job. Great move.
  2. RL Policar on April 1, 2008
    Again I thank the Evomo team for the transaction. Heck today I'm heading out to Hometown Buffet!!!
  3. BT on April 1, 2008
    I am just glad we were able to secure a deal before General Motors swooped in and tried to out bid us!
  4. Travis Hosman on April 1, 2008
    General Motors is Gonna be generally Broke now Pffft chumps. Now you guys are a multi corperate comglomerate. Congrats
  5. Brett Miller on April 1, 2008
    is ridemonkey.com next? maybe we can get a slice of google too. and then we will lay around eating sushi and watch people ride for us. nahhhh, I think we should take hooters under our wing.
  6. BT on April 2, 2008
    ...anyways now that April 1st has come and gone, thats our little attempt at an april fools joke.
  7. Moe on April 2, 2008
    What? No hometown buffet gift certificates instead of stock?

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