So what’s more fun then getting passed by a rock crusher two days before your race? Realizing you will be racing against the likes of Tinker Juarez, Nat Ross and Liam Killeen that’s what. OK so there is a bit of an exaggeration on both of these things.

First of all I won’t actually be racing against the big names I noted. They are in the Pro class and I am in the not so Pro class. We do the same course and distance and I may line up at the same time. It’s honestly scary to think that I could be there looking at those guys wondering if they will smash me outright or give me a little rope to hang myself with. It will be cool though to say I have lined up with some of the greats, but that ass is going to pay for it.

I have heard some race promoters say that they don’t want Pro riders any ware near the novices during race day because they think that the amateurs will see the pace the Pros push and never want to come back. I tend to think the opposite. I remember going to a NORBA when I raced beginner and watching the pros on my home course and thinking “some day I can be that fast.” Fast forward a few years and here I am getting ready to race with them. Maybe everyone doesn’t see it that way but I think seeing what can be possible is inspiring. Even if you don’t race there is a lot to learn. An old timer I am friend with here in town road and made mountain bikes back in the early 80’s, later on he organized races in the valley. He told me of the first time he saw Tinker race at one of his events and with a tear in his eye he recounted watching him hammer through corners. “The way he rode, I knew he would be great” and he is.

Now for the getting passed part. This guy passed me going uphill today.

Granted I was spinning and trying to keep my heart rate down but there is still something discouraging when I guy with lycra shorts and a tee shirt passes you. It’s hard to tell but as he is stopped here he is actually talking on the phone, with the absence of jersey pockets I don’t want to know where he was holding it. I do know I don’t want to ask to borrow his phone. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking guys new to the sport; we all have to start some where. When I moved back to AZ from New Orleans I didn’t have a mountain bike. Travis did, it was an old Cannondale Killer V that he got from a pawn shop. I wanted to ride so bad I went out with him to the trails, with only his bike and I rode on the handle bars to a down hill section and we took turns walking the bike up and riding down. It ruled. Getting passed on your recovery days though is just part of the price there is to be paid.

Finally I motion to make this Van the official Evomo team wagon.

I pass it every day on my ride and have fantasies of listening to Molly Hatchet heading to the trails in it. It’s like the A team van only cooler I think because it has four wheel drive.

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  1. BT on April 3, 2008
    definitely dig the van... does it have a beaded curtain? Plus I would like to customize the out side with an airbrushed mural of a sunset with 3 shirtless mountain bikers on top of a hill with the ocean in the distance and a pair of dolphins leaping up. that would be dope.

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