(this is a re-post of Justins orginal story from his blog: http://mtb424.blogspot.com/)

What a way to spend Memorial Day weekend than on the trails racing for 12 hours. Friday night brought me up to Green Bay to stay with Jesse and Steve from Performa Racing prior to meeting Brando at the roadhouse. Getting up at the butt crack of dawn isn’t always in my best interest as I am night person, but with 12 hour on the bike ahead of me there is no way I could do any wrong today as I jammed to Rise Against over and over again all the way down to Kewaskum.

We didn’t arrive with too much time to spare as I had barely enough time to say hi to fellow EVOMO Teammate Tim Ek. I ran my bike to the start, grabbed my camelbak and gloves and by the time I turned around they started the race and I was instantly DFL and Stawicki comes screaming by as well just before the trail narrowed I couldn’t latch on to him as he was long gone before it opened up and there I was fighting an up hill battle. At this point on my 4th or 5th lap knowing that our times were all within a minute of each other and no letting up it would be extremely hard to catch up before the 6 hour started. I was feeling okay on the first pit to switch camelbaks and bottles and it wasn’t until about 7 1/2 hours into it that I started to lose some substantial power and not riding the big ring in places on the course that I normally would and the climbs were starting to not feel effortless anymore. I think this was a case of lack of calories coming in and relying on hammer gel and pay day bars to get by not as planned…I really needed more time to get setup correctly…lesson learned.

So here’s the deal
I did 25 laps 117 miles and a 5th place finish (this is only 60 or so less than at 24/9 last year what a difference a year makes)

Tim Ek 4th place 27 laps @11:46
Justin 5th Place 25 laps @11:24

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