Race Report filed by Justin Lund

It’s been long overdue, but finally, after my 3rd 12 hour solo I get a win amongst some very strong competition in fact 2nd place won the non championship category at 24 hours of nine mile last year and defending WEMS series overall champion Chris Schotz.

I started off about mid pack and had to do some fighting to get my way to the front doing everything I could from asking “nicely” to let me through to finding my own opportunity to pass as Chris was getting away. So for about the first 5 or 6 hours I spent it chasing him and without knowing my standing, I had no idea whether or not I was being chased as well.


Early on I also had a crankarm issue due to the reason that I forgot to tighten down the crank after the teardown ritual that takes place after each race (oops), but I was able to tighten it up and continue on. I did just that and rode very hard till about 8 hours into it as planned as I grabbed my second camelback, slammed some slim fast, grabbed another handful of GU and another bottle of fluids.

As I got about 1/2 way through lap 12 I began to see Chris and instead of bridging up right away, I stuck one corner behind so he didn’t know I was there and also I could catch a breather, but as I tried to do that I got closer and closer and caught him on the last single track section before the rolling double track to the start/finish. We chatted it up a little bit and he mentioned it’s going to take 16 (9 mile) laps to win this thing and also mentioned that he did 14 last year and that was good enough to lap the field and seal the race. So with that in mind I rode up to the start finish with him we both hit our pits and refueled this time it was advil, 5 hour energy, and slim fast and again I was gone. He got out ahead of me and so I chased him for lap 13 and caught him on lap 14 right away and started to really hammer it on the big ring for the rest of the race and built around a 13 minute gap.

Justin Lund in the lead

Lap 15 was just as fast as the previous two laps and when I had thought he was pulling a fast one on me sprinting out, it turns out the guy was a kid that rides for the same team, but never the less I chased for lap 15. I then stopped and grabbed my light for lap 16 for the win.

So with excellent nutritional planning, pit scheduling, race strategy, and bringing the ruckus, I was able to pull off my best race of my short career and good enough to put me in the points lead with only 3 races to go in the championship.

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Have fun and take care the season is close to done here in Wisconsin!

Justin Lund


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  1. Clint on September 10, 2008
    Way to go! 12 hours in the saddle is a long time for sure. Good thing you didn't have to take out one of those 9mm out your back pocket and pistol whip some one.
  2. T-rav on September 10, 2008
    Very nice work brotherman. Congrats. That is some serious hurtin for 12 hours. The bad news is youll need your sack re-attached after that one.

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