Irina Kalentieva in the 2009 Cyclepassion Calendar

Cyclepassion is simply the best calendar ever in the history of calendars. Even the ancient Mayans with their sacred round Tzolk’in 260 day calendar has nothing on what the fellows over in Heidelberg, Germany have been up to.

Now why did we think of this?

Want one?  Order it here from Evomo on-line. Imported direct from Germany… quantities are very limited.

Have a look at some behind the scenes footage of Sabine Spitz in her photo shoot…

Cyclepassion Poster Calendar 2009

On the cover page you see Sabine Spitz, gold medalist MTB 2008.

The calendar includes international professional cyclists:

  • Gunn-Rita Dahle-Flesja (Norway, gold medalist, 7 x World Cup Champion)
  • Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland, Swiss Champion Elite 2008)
  • Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany, 2008 Elite Women’s Cyclo-Cross World Champion, Gold medal winner Olympics, Sydney)
  • Irina Kalentieva (Russia, Bronze medal winner Mtb 2008, Mtb World Champion2007)
  • Willow Koerber (USA, 6 th overall in the World Cup 2007)
  • Steffi Marth (Germany,10th World Championships Fort William 2007, German Champion MTB 4cross 2008)
  • Sabine Spitz (Germany, Gold medal winner mtb 2008, European Champion 2008)

The last pages shows making of photos and background information to each

Photos were taken by Daniel Geiger.

The color wall calendar is of high end production quality:
The poster calendar is spiral bound (40 cm x 68 cm // 15,75″ x 20,72″) and
printed on 250 g silk paper. Produced in Germany.

Order your Cyclepassion calendar from Evomo on-line. Imported direct from Germany… quantities are very limited.

Willow Koerber in the 2009 Cyclepassion Calendar

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  1. Jlund on November 13, 2008
    So where is the EVOMO girl!!!! I demand an EVOMO girl in the calendar for 2010. No pressure though.
  2. Clint on November 17, 2008
    Got mine and besides the marital problems it created it rules.

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