Some of you may or may not know that Evomo is co-sponsoring the Racing Team. Evomo and have enjoyed a mutual friendship and we are very happy that Evomo is partnering with us to promote Recreational Mountain Biking and racing.

The Core of the Team consists of Priscilla Policar, Joe Solancho, Eric Hunner, Kim Finch and Tony Finch. The Team was formed to mainly race the Southern California Triple Crown, the first race of this series was held on Oct. 4th at Bonelli Park. The Team started with a bang, earning three 2nd places and a 5th place.

The second race was held at Mt. Sac, this race is very popular and there was a great turn out. The Team was led by our ladies, Priscilla and Kim, earning a 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Also, Eric aka ‘The Animal’ earned a 5th place on the Singlespeed category.

The last race of the Triple Crown was held at Southridge. This time the entire team raced in multiple disciplines. Priscilla, Kim, Joe, Eric, Val and Ner raced XC, Kim and myself raced Super D, Joe, RL and Tony raced Downhill. Again, the ladies came out on top with two third places and Eric coming out in 4th by less than a second. As far as Super D goes, I placed 8th and Kim took the top spot. The Team had two placers on the Downhill course, Tony Finch took 2nd place and Joe Solancho taking a 4th. It is also worth mentioning that RL placed 15th on his first ever Downhill race and he came out unscathed.

We are very proud to say that Priscilla and Kim took the championship jerseys, Eric placed 2nd and Joe took 4th for the entire Triple Crown Series.

The last ‘race’ that the Team took part of was the ‘unofficial’ Tour de Tryptophan or the 24hrs of the Fullerton Loop. RL, Priscilla, Joe and Myself attended the event. You can say that this race is more like a fun ride, we ride a loop, drink some beer, ride another loop, drink more beer, ride another loop and pass out. We then wake up and ride again.

I managed to ride 5 laps, RL did 3 laps, Joe and Priscilla did 2 laps. Cool thing about this event is that it has a ‘family’ atmosphere and we all have a good time.

Well, our 2008 race season has ended, but look out for the Team at the Southridge Winter Series coming next month!

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