I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day who helped me in the early days of Evomo when we were lesser known, if you can imagine that.  Well, as we talked I was reminded of my efforts over the 2008 year to get Evomo some press coverage in the magazines, specifically mountain bike mags.  (I subscribe to all of them in fact).

Starting a company and establishing a brand takes time, money and hard work. It also pays to know people and have friends that volunteer their time. (Thanks friends and team riders of Evomo).  Getting your new product into a magazine is a big deal and a challenge, but also a necessity – thats if you want a big break and to get some exposure to the community of mountain bikers at large.

The good old days with Evomo at some of our first races

The good old days with Evomo at some of our first races

We don’t really have much of an advertising budget here at Evomo. The reality is ads are too expensive. Yea thats it, that’s my excuse for not advertising in magazines. I kind of hoped for some free plugs in the “new product” areas of mags to help boost sales and heck eventually have enough dough to advertise.

So last Spring I contacted a particular magazine (one which will go un-named) and one that I had always held in high regard.  They have great stories, awesome photography and a nice mix of tech, culture and racing articles. In fact I even ran into the gear editor of this magazine at the industry trade show known as Interbike.  I was stoked to hear him tell me how he had heard of Evomo and wanted to know when he might get some stuff to check out.

When I called him to let him know I wanted to send some stuff for his review, he gladly accepted and offered to give his honest opinion once he looked at the clothing.  Now, being the fan I was of their magazine, I read every issue front to back and by doing this I learned that at least the Editor, if not a few of the core staff, were former East Coasters and had been raised in Yuengling (Beer).

Just so you know, this Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) Beer is only available on the East Coast. You CAN NOT get this beer ANYWHERE. Its bottled by Americas Oldest brewery in fact.  Yuengling is based in PA so I called my good friend Allen (since the 5th grade) and asked him – send me some of this beer!  Just my luck he was flying to LA on business and hand carried a case right to my office a week later.

Yuengling beer is awesome

Yuengling beer is awesome

I took these bottles and carefully packed them into a box of sweet Evomo threads, namely; Hoodies and graphic print t-shirts. Am I a nice guy or what!

I later received an email from said Editor thanking me for the beer, “not just any beer, but Yuengling!”  He told me how thrilled the staff was.  Then he proceeded to critique the Evomo clothing, design and graphics.  He said he didn’t like the fit nor any of the graphics. He said they screamed “I am a mountain biker” too much and that maybe we should tone that down a bit.  He said we should also be using euro fit shirts and recycled fabrics rather than “just” cotton and that maybe we consider just putting a small logo on the front and that would help the “I am a mountain biker” issue he has.

Well hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion and he continues to tell me that he personally would not wear any of the stuff and that because he personally doesn’t endorse it,  he would not put any of the Evomo stuff into the magazine (new product section).

Then he wrapped up the email with how excited he is to see a company going out making some cool stuff just for mountain bikers. Oh yeah, and he thanked me for the beer.

Serving up some beer at the Firestone Walker Race in Santa Barbara

So basically WTF dude?!

Isn’t this what you meant to say:

I know you are small self-funded start-up brand doing edgy clothing designs, that no one else is doing but since I personally don’t dig your stuff, I am just going to assume that the 50,000+ readers of our magazine have the exact same opinion as me. Oh and yea I figure why should I like your stuff, when ### and ####### actually pay $8000 per month for multiple full page ads in our magazine.

Thanks for the beer and good luck with that whole clothing line thing that no one else is doing.

I wonder…  even tho he said he didn’t like the clothing, I guess I should have asked for it back and then I could have at least sold the stuff at an event or gave it away to some deserving Evomo team rider.  Why didn’t he just return it – or – how funny would it be if I ran into him one day and he was wearing the very Evomo clothes I sent him.

Well enjoy your beer dude… and thanks for the big F*&K Y0U.

Well, now that I got that off my chest…

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. Clint on January 5, 2009
    F the establishment.
  2. Rev-Ruckus on January 5, 2009
    Stuck up stiffs like that dont get down E style cause its West Coast. He would also preffer E riders trade their guns for lolipops, and puppys. He probably gets facials, and and collects butt beads, with his boyfriend. Us E riders get faded on a 40 of OE and ride around looking for a fist fight. Obviously this Poser douches his ass with Perrier.
  3. Darren on January 6, 2009
    I do not see how the E ware is any different that the TapOut (look at me I am a tough fighter), or the sport team shirts, etc, etc. What is wrong with supporting the sport you love with a cool brand such as Evomo. I would have thought they would have been all over it, oh wait E doesn't spend $$$ to support the publication so no wonder they were opposed. Must devote the space to people that pay the bills, forget about the small company who shows the true spirt of Mt Biking. Viva La Evomo......
  4. sedrik on January 6, 2009
    bollocks! What the hell, if someone took the time to ship me free beer and clothing, I would be forever thankful. Some people are just ungrateful priks. btw, i drink Bass for those of you who feel inclined to send me free beer.
  5. Rish on January 6, 2009
    what a jerk!
  6. Moe on January 7, 2009
    Send me beer and I will wear your threads 24/7... Wait, I already do!
  7. Mib on January 7, 2009
    what an ass!

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