My Birthday Cake

Yes I am having my cake and eating it to!

So another year is in the books at the ripe old age of 28.  I think because of the constant cold and shoveling heavy snow for cross training I think 28 is more like 48 in Wiscompton years here in the Midwest.  I have been doing some snowshoeing, and over 60 Km of XC Skiing over the last week and a half.  It gets better each time out and as it gets colder at night the ice forms more and more on my most excellent beard.  

As far as racing goes I have an xc ski race next weekend and the weekend after I will be racing another xc ski race that Saturday, Quadrathon (quadrathon=5k run, 5k bike, 5k snowshoe, 5k xc ski) after finishing the quadrathon, I jump back into the snowshoes and race another 5k on Sunday.  After all of that there is nothing till Sea Otter.

Plans are slowly coming together for the Sea Otter Classic and finally after almost two years I will visit with the people who hold the fort down at EVOMO headquarters.  This is pretty exciting considering the fact the closest I’ve been to the West Coast was up towards Fargo North Dakota.   One thing I want to know is who’s all coming with me?

Also, some random thoughts would be since the team has many riders from all over the country, we need to know what local beer is only available to your area alone?  For here in Wisconsin we have the popular Leinenkugel Fireside Nut Brown and a lesser known, but just as tasty Point Oktoberfest.   So let’s hear it my EVOMO-ITES what beer am I ordering at your favorite pub?

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  1. Rish on January 8, 2009
    Yuengling Lager!
  2. Darin (spelled right) on January 9, 2009
    If you stop in IN sometime, I'll treat you to some home brewed beer (Scottish Ale and an IPA on tap now). If you want beer from a comercial micro-brewery, I'd suggest Three Floyds (IN brewery) Alfa King or their Scottish Ale, Robert the Bruce. Its hard to beat anything from Bells (MI brewery). My personal favorite of theirs is the Expedition Stout. To quote Homer Simpson...."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm beer"
  3. Tim Ek on January 19, 2009
    Justin, I did commute on those two days you asked about. Haven't missed a day yet, but it's sketchy right now on the Cross bike (the single is out of commission right now). We've got some slippery roads around here right now and I hate gettin' that thing all salted up. Hope everything is cool in the heartland of Wi.

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