BB Burned

I went riding in Northern Patagonia over the holidays. I had an awesome time but in my attempt to pack light, I decided to bring my Evomo jersey but not my bib shorts. I guess I was feeling somewhat self conscious about being fully decked out in my biking kit within an all level group of riders. So Instead I wore a more conventional pair of padded biking shorts with my regular jersey, and you can see the results of my poor judgement. The Evomo bib style shorts protect your crack from sun exposure, by pulling fabric up your lower back and midline, which is then covered by your jersey. Regular biking shorts allow a gap between your jersey and short line to open up, exposing your white ass to the blazing hot summer sun of South America. Lesson learned.. hopefully you can learn from mine.

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  1. Clint on January 9, 2009
    That is posibly the best sun burn ever.
  2. Sedrik on January 9, 2009
    I once did a ride with crotchless underwear... bad idea. the chaffing and resulting abuse to my cash and prizes lasted for over a week.

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