‘The Moe‘ doing a recognizance run at Southridge

Team MtnBikeRiders.com will be at the Shimano Winter Series 2009 beginning this Saturday and Sunday (1/10/09-1/11/09). Most of the team will be racing Downhill with ‘The Moe’ and Kim making our Downhill debut. I’m also going to be racing SuperD and the rest of the team will be racing XC.

Redline Tent=Free Evomo Stickers

If you see a Redline Tent, come by and say hello, we will pimp you out with some bad ass Evomo stickers and if you are really cool, I will let you take a picture with ‘The Moe’. Just don’t expect to sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Xmas (unless you are a cute mountain biking chick), cuz you are a month too late.

This is how ‘The Moe’ rolls….

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