46 in the house, -19 outside!

46 in the house, -19 outside!

As many of you know there’s been an arctic blast sweeping the nation.  I know my buddy Justin Lund, fellow midwest Evomo Factory rider can attest to this.  This arctic air or “Alberta Clipper” has made life in northern Minnesota a bit more challenging.  It’s canceled the schools for the last few days and left the streets barren.  The city is like a ghost town as no one will venture outside.  Thus, my commutes to work have taken on a surreal feel as I pedal alone down the center of the road looking out over the city which lies dormant in mother nature’s grip.  My ride takes me along what is known as ”skyline parkway” and offers me a great view of Duluth and the harbor. 

There may be a few of you asking yourself, “why are you still riding to work?”  I get that a lot, some have simply given up asking.  The reason, I haven’t missed a commute by bike in over six years.  I refused to break the streak.  So, as I’m pedaling home at the end of the day yesterday I’m thinking, “Man, Mother Nature, you can really bring the RUKUS” when suddenly the act of pedaling no longer produces any results.  Confused, I glance down and watch my legs spinning at about 100 rpms while I slowly creep to a stop.  She, Mother Nature, snapped my free wheel leaving me to the most basic form of transportation, my two feet. 

The super cooled air really started to get to the core of what makes me, me, as I hoofed it down the road pushing my maimed steed.  The old girl now hangs in the bike stand awaiting surgery while I’m forced to the stable to retrieve another possible victim.  So goes the epic battle between man, machine and the RUKUS bringing Mother Nature.

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  1. Scott on January 16, 2009
    Tim is Zeus!!!!! Anyone who pedals their bike in that weather is nuts, or a god, because that must take some super human effort. Think of the shrinkage that guy must have!!!!!
  2. sedrik on January 16, 2009
    ummm... thats mutha-$%king hard core. anyone got a story to top this, bring it... i dare you. FYI: Ek is about as bad ass as the new Bond.
  3. Darin (who is also cold) on January 16, 2009
    Dude, I feel your pain. Today we even got above 0. Like a heat wave! The good thing is that once we get used to the cold, we are wearing shorts at 45. Bring it....!!
  4. Jlund on January 16, 2009
    last night i rode on the snowshoe trail right after work and could only muster 30 minutes before my eyes froze shut wind chill cut through me at a heart stopping 26 below. Tim did you commute this morning and yesterday?
  5. tim ek on January 18, 2009
    Justin, I haven't missed a day yet.
  6. Harold on January 18, 2009
    WHOA! I live in Portland, OR and when it snows here I never even considered getting on my bike. you are one tough soldier!
  7. Amy on January 19, 2009
    Love you babe--good story. My vote is for "god." :)

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