Team is still taking names at the Shimano Winter Series. For race #2 of the series we had a number of racers taking some Bling home:

From left to right: Eric “The Animal” Hunner 2nd place on SS, David Saunderson 3rd place on SS, Priscilla Policar 3rd Place on XC, Kim Finch 1st place on XC.

On Downhill:

Tony Finch 2nd Place

Kim Finch 1st Place

“The Moe” 5th Place

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, The Moe brought the Ruckus and scored a 5th place finish on downhill. As far as SuperD goes, well, I sucked, but here’s a cool picture of me with the Evomo colors:

I want to invite people to check out the Shimano Winter Series races, they are super fun and you will meet a lot of cool people. #3 of the series will be on February 7th, make sure to mark it on your calendar and support Mountain Bike racing!

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  1. Meyuv Loo Lan Tang on January 29, 2009
    Wow you look like you dropped off the RUKUS on the trail behind you and now you're riding away before it explodes! Dang Play-ah, you don't mess around!
  2. Rish on January 29, 2009
    Moe is like a cougar eatting up road kill on the out for him!!!
  3. Tom Judy on February 8, 2009
    Hey Gang, Tj from TEAM EVOMO NorCal Calling. I am thinking about coming dowm forthe Southridge race on Feb 21/22 be racing Expert DH, 43-50 Class, any of you gonna be there. Ready to meet some more riders and make some more friends !
  4. Moe on February 9, 2009
    Yes, we will be there. Look out for the Redline tent and the Jeep with the Evomo Trailer. Come by, we have food, drinks and BEER!

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