As many of you know the beloved box of goodness has arrived from EVOMO head quarters. I’d been tracking my box via the internet as it made its voyage from sunny SoCal to the arctic circle of Minnesota. Last Friday I suspected that my treasures would arrive at my humble abode, so I dutifully left a note for the FedEx man to leave the booty on our back deck as my wife and I would be out of town upon its delivery. Imagine my surprise when I took a quick peek out back before we departed for Minneapolis and there it was, in all its glory. Now, something struck me as I hurried through the snow in just my socks. Something was amiss in regard to the box. As I came around the back of the house I noticed a peculiar glow emanating from the carton and to my disbelief it seemed to be loosely hovering about six inches above the deck. Could it be that the Titec parts were off setting the weight of the other riches? Obviously such a scenario could only be found in the likes of a Harry Potter tale so I quickly dismissed what my eyes had witnessed.

Overcome with excitement I tore into the box, slicing through tape and volumes of packaging paper. I was eight years old again as I called out to my wife each object I removed from the box, “Cool, EVOMO t-shirts, Titec bike shorts, a jersey, Fluid Recovery powder, Simbree snacks, Action Wipes, Hats, my God the wealth!” Then it happened…the top items were removed leaving no restraint over the remaining Titec hardware, I rolled back on my haunches as my new Pluto Carbon Fiber handlebar rose from the box before me, only to be suppressed by the ceiling above. It was soon joined by its brethren, the seat post, saddle and stem. I stared incredulously as these items defied gravity and hovered eight feet off the floor. As I searched for an explanation I saw the same confusion fill the eyes of my feline family member, Betsy. She looked to me as if she too needed explanation. I simply told her…This is some light stuff!

Betsy agrees, Titec is LIGHT!!

Betsy agrees, Titec is LIGHT!!

As I prepare to mount these weightless components on my bike I’ve decided it would be best to tether them low to the floor in order to offer some respite to the confusion experienced by the aforementioned Betsy. Me, I’ve accepted that this phenomenon needs no explanation; some things are better left alone. Thanks, Titec! And, thank you to Fluid, Simbree, Action Wipes and of course EVOMO.

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  1. Charlie Farrow on February 10, 2009
    Wow...very cool...It levitates... :) Charlie
  2. Titec on February 10, 2009
    Make us proud! Gary @ Titec
  3. Amy on February 19, 2009
    Betsy Rocks! (and she sure loves her daddy)!
  4. Rish on February 19, 2009
    Hey Tim, Good luck this season! Titec is the bomb for sweet products!
  5. Scott on February 27, 2009
    Tim, Nice article!!! It was informative and funny. You should be in advertising.

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