“It never rains in Southern California”, to that I say BS!!! Team MtnBikeRiders.com raced under clouds, wind and rain last weekend at Southridge. The XC racers had it pretty good, it didn’t rain during their race and the trail was nice and packed. Here are your Evomo co-sponsored XC podium placers:

Singlespeed: David “The Mini-mal” (mini animal) Saunderson 3rd and Eric “The Animal” Hunner 2nd

2nd Place, Priscilla Policar, unfortunately she had to leave early and RL pickup her award.

Here are your Super D podium placers:

Kim Finch, 1st place. We need more women on Super D!!!! Come on girls, it is easier than XC!

Joe Solancho, 5th place

Downhill Placers:

Kim Finch, 1st place

RL Policar, 3rd Place

Tony Finch, 4th Place

Earth Worm diggers:

“The Moe”, 1st place, don’t worry, the bike is OK.

We are halfway through the Winter Series, the point standings are very close, we are looking forward to the next race. By the way, I have extra worms, does anyone fish????

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  1. Ronald on February 25, 2009
    dude you ate shit!
  2. The Moe Author on February 25, 2009
    I did it on purpose, I'm doing a review of the helmet and pads...

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