Bike Magazine has asked their readers to vote for the “Best” trails in 11 categories and they have listed them and 2 runner-ups for each.  This totals 33 of the “Best” trails in North America.  The categories vary from “Best trail” to “Best Climb” and everything in between.  The winners came from all over, from east to west and north to south and………..Indiana.  WHAT?  Indiana?  What mountains are in Indiana?

A few years ago, IMBA was giving grades to states based on their trails, access, and advocacy.  Indian fell far short and received an embarrassing grade.  The strong willed, grass roots, founding members of the HMBA stepped up and set out to do something about it.  The hard work began!!  Countless hours of behind the scenes lobbying, education, letter writing, meeting attending….etc. went on before they were even granted access to land to build trails.  But the hard work was done and done well.

Today HMBA has received $150,000 RTP grant to build trails in Brown County State Park.  It recently received $250,000 grant from the Governor, Mitch Daniels, to build additional trails.  And the money is being well spent!

Here’s the great part….HMBA is not done!!  If BCSP made the top 33 trails, just wait till you see what is in the works.  I’m a late-comer to Indiana but I have been privileged to meet the people responsible for making these and other trails a reality.  THANK YOU ALL…and you know who you are.

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If your stuck riding the same trails in the same area and are looking for a change, look to Indiana for a little something new!!

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  1. Rev Ruckus on February 25, 2009
    Then again it's BIKE so I wouldnt put to much stock in it's trail rating's. Last summer I went to a family reunion in Knoxville, TN, "the wifes side". I thought I was religated to hillbilly hell, but turned out Knoxville had some sweet single track. I thought I was in the sequal to Deliverence, but fortunatly I'm reasonably fast! Does anyone subscribe to BIKE anymore?
  2. Ronald on February 25, 2009
    Yea I stopped subscribing to Bike a year ago... I feel like my life is 1000x better now. Seriously tho, yea dont take their "trail rating" system with much confidence.

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