Two more races are in the books or at least one race and one mountain climbing event. After the dust has settled I am in 3rd place in the AZ State Championship point series. Here is the break down.

Race #3 Hedgehog Hustle – This was at one of the more technical courses (Estrella). We did two laps approx 20miles. I felt good, had good training leading up to the race. Right before the race, i was interviewed by the local News Station ( But because of technical difficulties on the New persons part only a pic showed up on thier page. Oh well my hair was done right anyway… The first lap I got caught up with some traffic, but I had a good ride. I was able to make all of the hills (including the switch back) and the technical sections I rode clean. I ended the race in a solid 6th place with a pd of 2:13:50.

Race #4 – Foray at the Fort – Leading up to this race I had to take my bike in for some repairs (new pivot berings), apparently a guy with my small size wears them out after 8 months of riding. This race should have been named the Mexico Mountain Climb Challenge. This course was so far from Phoenix I had to make sure I brought my passport and a change of cloths. (The burrito’s were great though). Check out the elevation graph of this course, in the first mile and a bit you had to climb 335ft of loose rock gardens and sand. And why only ride this hill once, so our group did it 3 times. But like they say what goes up must come down. There were some good downhill sections where you could pickup some speed, but not to much as the tail was loose. Needless to say my legs were done by the end of the race. Since this was my first time racing this course I didn’t have a time to beat. So I finished in 4th (first podium of the year) with a time of 1:51:57.


Think About it…. How come we put a man on the moon before we realizing it would be a good idea to put wheels on a suitcases?

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  1. sedrik on March 19, 2009
    wow thats cool you got interviewd.. too bad there wasnt the interview. how does that evomo kit work out for you racing?

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