After my visit to the doc, and a clean bill of health, I was able to get out on my 3rd special ops training excursion this Sunday.  It could have been better with temperatures above 40 and winds lower than 20 mph.  All in all I got in close to 8 hours split evenly between in the wind and the wind at my back.  I was able to start working on my fueling for the long races to come.  I found a couple of things that I found worked really well and swapped those out with things that just didn’t cut it.


I had recently switched out from using another brand to Motor Tabs and while I was apprehensive at first.  I made some observations of what they had to offer and liked what I saw.  During 12 hour plus endurance events you need to take down as many calories as you can at regular intervals to keep the heat in the fireplace.  The previous brand did not have any calories which over time I would look for other source that can be a little more difficult to try and eat and pedal at the same time  (I still can’t ride no handed for longer periods of time).  I do enjoy all the flavors mainly grape and lemon lime, but the  best thing about these little gems is I can just drop them in a bottle or camel back and get going  no scoops no mess.  Only advice would be to make sure they are dissolved before closing your bladder on the hydration pack and even though it’s common sense sometimes I do forget and find it blowing up like a balloon.


Okay now this little dandy of a product I’ve been using for a couple seasons now and I really enjoy it .  Not only does Fluid taste good (especially the new Berry Treasure flavor) but instead of just using it for a post ride recovery I usually have a hydration pack or water bottle full during the ride.  Typically I’ll put one of these down within a couple of weeks.  Not much I can say about Fluid recovery other than I can just sit at my desk at work and drink it.  Other stuff I used I had to “flavor it up” a little bit.

This got me through a long ride and looks like between the two I am hoping to be at my best all season long.

Sea Otter is coming up very soon!  ”All I wanna know is, who’s coming with me…man?” – Jim Brewer (half baked)

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  1. Sedrik on April 7, 2009
    I did a 25 mile road ride out and some mad laps around the rose bowl here in pasadena.... i pumped TWO motortabs in my system and was flying. got back and chugged some berry treasure = today not sore, not tired, ready for more. FYI... hey Fluid! I still want to see your next flavor called "Cash and Prizes"! - Bomb Money!
  2. Tim Ek on April 8, 2009
    Last Sunday I pulled a 130 mile road ride on a cross bike, consumed 6 motortabs, 130 oz. of water (with the tabs), about 1000 cals and a dose of Fluid - Berry Treasure immediately after the ride. Like Sedrik, it all equaled NOT SORE the next day, but a little tired. The stuff works! Bring on the Trans Iowa.

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