The drive from Los Angeles up to Monterey was yesterday. We arrived to the Laguna Seca Race Way where we checked in with the Team/Expo crew and set up some of the Evomo booth.

Today was mostly sunny and fairly cool with some wind, but not a bad weather day overall.

We put together the final touches on the Evomo booth which included music and lighting thanks to Mark T. and the awesome foosball table which was a big hit.


Visitors today included Matt and Shannon from Tifosi (the coolest sunglasses on the planet). Gary from Titec made it up as well. Mountain Bike Action also stopped by to check out the sweet lounge.

Around 1pm, Evomo rider Justin Lund from Wisconsin flew in to race the Otter and hang with the Evomo crew. This guy is way cool its a real honor to have him as our guest out here.


We saw chatted up Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney and the rest of the Ergon Topeak team.


Simbree was in the house and hooked up the guys with some Simbree snacks. They have a new granola which tasted great and is gluten free.


Oh and get this, Ducati is here with some kind of massive set-up that includes a fleet of bikes and a rider lounge that I have to admit is much bigger than Evomo’s, but they didnt have foosball.  They did have sick Monster that I think I need to take home with me.


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  1. GeeZer on April 22, 2009
    LOSERS, LEMICKS, and LAGGERS, that is where I have to put "Those of you who did not make it to Sea Otter" Your really Blew this one ! I have been to the SOC 4 years in a row now, but this year was by far the BEST weather, FASTEST DH track conditions, and as usual the EVOMO Lodge was the choicest spot in the Venue. If you have half a brain, can ride a bike, and occasionally type an e-mail, that is about all it takes to get "Sponsored" by mannufacturers in this industry. But, you never even see anyone from most of those companies. Let alone have a beer or go for a bike ride with them. But, Bryan and the rest of the EVOMO Crew go way over board for their GANG. I hung with the pack for a while on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday inbetween railing the DH course and checking out the scene. Besides giving me a cool place to park my bike and my but, Bryan dialed me in with snacks, drinks, and did I mention all the cool stuff, for FREE, from the co-sponsors that EVOMO has lined up ? Free beenie from Titec, FREE Shades from Tifosi, Free Grips from Ergon. Did I also mention that I set a Personal Record, for me at least, on that DH course, 2:59, not bad for a Gezer. Oh well, maybe we will see some of you Losers, Lackies, and Lofers at one of those other cycing events near you. Next stop, Santa Ynez Valley Classic for the US Cup Race this weekend, then Port Angeles on May 1-3, for the USA Cycling National Championship Qualifier. Cheers TJ

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