Sedrik Vomir was MIA all Wednesday and Thursday until we ran into him a a British bar and pub in downtown monterey.  We had beers all night and talked shit about all kinds of stuff. Next thing we know he is over at a table full of girls and then gone. missing. poof!

Justin Lund and Brandon Bittorf had an 8am race so we had to get back and get some sleep around 11pm so we could get up at 5:30a and head over to Laguna Seca. We pull up about 6:15a and see some person sleeping in our booth on our couches. WTF!?  It ends up being Sedrik and beer cans all over the booth!!!

I dunno how he got back over to the booth from downtown, so I am like I need a picture of this.  Brandon and J-Lund try to sneak up on him and he wakes up all pissed and runs off.





Well after all that shenanigans… we got J-lund prepped for his race and saw him off.






Later that afternoon Sedrik wandered back to the booth and had been doing practice on the DH course.  He mixed up some crazy shit in a water bottle and took that with him back up on the course.

Something like Sierra Nevada and motortabs and i think some apple juice too?! WTF is up with this guy!?



Apparently Greg at Motortabs said he has heard of people popping motortabs into drinks (liquor) and going out and partying  – and even using fluid to recover.  Just don’t try to eat or put a motortab into your mouth – NOT GOOD!

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  1. Rev Ruckus on April 24, 2009
    I wouldn't keester one either, unless your Perez Hilton, or Richard Gear.
  2. Ambassador of Evomo on April 24, 2009
    Sedrik is my hero.
  3. Michael Takahashi on May 28, 2009
  4. Michael Takahashi on May 28, 2009
    Hilarious!!!! Nice one Sedrik!!!
  5. Sedrik on August 15, 2009
    you guys should try bass and motortabs... its guud! Dont do pbr, it will make you wretch all over the trail.

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