Ergon GA1 Grip

Ergon has a new all mountain grip that is ideal for the wicked crazy gravity guys (and ladies) called the GA1.

We get a few to test out and so far they are pretty dope… stay tuned for our real world review on these little green grips of goodness.


Sonya hooks up the guys with some brand new Ergon grips to test out.

Sonya hooks up the guys with some brand new Ergon grips to test out.

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  1. Walker Thompson on May 2, 2009
    I want this GRIP!!!
  2. GeeZer on May 5, 2009
    OK I will Bite. Bryan and Ergon dialed me in with a test pair at Sea Otter. I ran a couple of practice runs and my race run there, and all runs at the Santa Ynez Valley Classic DH a few days ago. This is a Sick Grip, 2 types of rubber, one ofr palms and one for digits. good contact feel to the grip, nice road tire like tread, to allow good bite and I guess still grip if a little wet. I did have aproblem at first with them rotating on me, even though I had them locked down pretty good, but, DH grip tweeks can be extreme. I don't care for the "soft ends" with cheap plastic bar end inserts. This may be good for you XC guys, and one could argue a little lighter than metal bar ends, like the ODI grips, but, I have already done some damage due to a crash on one grip end. And as we all know, DH crashes seldom happen. Yeah, right, if you buy that I got a hell of a deal on a house in Florida for you. Overall, good grip, needs a little beef to realy work for DH Duty. I hope these comments make it back to Ergon, with a special thanks ofr letting us try em out !
  3. Jeff K at Ergon USA on May 6, 2009
    Thanks for the feedback. FYI, the grips you guys got at Sea Otter were the Small's. We also offer them in Large. The larges will offer the fatter and softer feel.
  4. Michael Takahashi on May 28, 2009
    Fatter grips seem to have less hand fatigue on rocky and longer descents... I would be interested to try some of these... I've been running the sunline fat grips - which seem to work better than the skinnier ones - at least for DH!
  5. Neil Eriksen-Payne on August 11, 2009
    These grips have a shout out in MBUK (August09). So, I've had a look and they seem to be just what is needed for me and lots of others too. My research into tendon injuries in the 'ring finger' with DH and freeride shows that so many people run too small and poor ergonomic grips. I've suffered with this injury for months now and it's really affected the enjoyment of my riding. So I'm going to fit the large and keep the massage going and see. I would also like to see a beefier bar end to suit DH and longevity please mr.ergo.

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