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If you happen to live in a beautiful sprawling metropolis like Los Angeles, then get suited up for Bike Week!

We are big fans of helping the environment and saving the planet but lets be realistic. We love the folks over at bikeleague.org and cicle.org but they leave out a lot of important things when it comes to riding your bike around the city.

When you live in a shit city with about 3 bike lanes, maniac ass-hole drivers and gangs that will rape you for your bike then here are a few things you should consider keeping on you when biking.

3″ stainless folding knife 

Pepper Spray 

Motortabs  portable energy/electrolyte

Portable water filter 0.2 microns 

7700 Series Respirator with organic vapor and acid gas filters


Lezyne multi-tool 20

in the case of Evomo Team, we carry Walther P99 9mm hand guns for defense of course.


What city do you live in and what kinds of gear and supplies do you carry?

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  1. Rev Ruckus on May 15, 2009
    If I decided to actually commute to work this would be my list. 1.Brass Knuckles 2.Rubber gloves 3.Duct tape 4.40 of OE 5.First aid kit
  2. Tom Boonen on May 15, 2009
    I always carry some crack with me on rides and of course some rubbers so i can bang Belgium hookers.
  3. Tyler Hamilton on May 15, 2009
    If i did a ride to work, which i wouldnt cause i have 6 Cadilacs at my disposal, i would probably want to have: DHEA (and a syringe) extra hemoglobin my 2004 Olympic Gold medal and some rock racing jeans although if Evomo made jeans I would prefer theirs. hey guys, since I am suspended from pro racing, can i race for Evomo?
  4. Walker Thompson on May 15, 2009
    Oops... I just bought a new Yamaha WR250R, so I guess I'll "kind of" be commuting on my bike...??? Just don't throw stones!

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