My triumphant return to Levis after last years mess of flu/food poisoning (in which the jury is still deliberating on) is now in the books. I didn’t know what to expect in that everybody that knows me knows by now or now just found out that I haven’t been riding much due to life issues mainly in the form of shit hours at work, but I push on looking into the big picture that it’s only temporary as one down year is not going to end my world as we know it.

I knew the front was going to break fast and that they did. A group consisting of chris s, chris p, tim, lee, and the minnesotans (charly and dan) took off like derby horses as I sat in with charlie farrow. I was content in running 1:30 laps just cause I know this place will claim my life if I try to go out at a WORS pace. So when I came in around 1:13 I was plenty pleased and optimistic, oh how the tide would turn. lap 2 was around 1:15, lap 3 around 1:19 and lap 4 was about 1:22, but I was getting some nasty stomach cramping on lap five with jello legs plus full blown stomach problems on lap six forced me to take care of that plus sit for way too much time. So on lap six I get out there and tried to put the hammer down again but could only muster a 1:30 lap minus the stop, but instead of stopping I continued onto lap 7 and destroyed myself I was cramping in my legs on every climb I couldn’t hold a line on the second half of the course and I was beginning to get dizzy and my vision was blurring out a little bit I was sure I had not only lost any hope of catching anyone in the top five but may have to worry about not making the 8th lap and losing a few more spots. So finally I roll around to begin lap 8 with lights with me in case I end up walking, get a mechanical, or even a possible #2 in the woods so that I can find some good leafs that wont require expensive creams. I am unsure what possessed me to get back out there maybe just to get the monkey off my back as this place as always plagued me and for god’s sake I wanted to finish on the lead lap as the leaders for once this year and quitting at 7 wasn’t acceptable. I get out there and I feel like I am the only one and that may as well be true so I drilled the sections I felt really comfortable in and took the other sections down 1 by 1 except for a sandy section where I sunk my front wheel and started to endo until that well placed boulder broke my fall via my pinky and ergon bar end and continued onward. Finally I loop around after busting up that final climb as I wanted to make sure I ended a hard day on a good note and brought it in with sunlight remaining to pack up and roll out. Apparently my suffering did not end yet.

As I packed up my area I had to take numerous breaks caused by dizziness and finally as I pulled back around to the event area I opened the door and hurled onto the gravel, this did make me feel better and good enough to drive back to wausau but I would have to stop 3 more times in random areas.

As I have been mentioning to anybody that has asked how the race went, this was much harder than doing a 24 solo, but the organizers did a great job, and the people at the aid tents were great to everyone that would pass through.

If it wasn’t for the MotorTabs and Fluid I may have not made out of that brutality alive.

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