So Obama’s great stimulus package has been out for a while and he has been in office for a couple of months now. So what’s in it for us mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts? Do you feel “stimulated”?

Obama did not specify EXACTLY what should be done with all the money going to each state. If you feel the outdoor sports and alternative transportation venues were shorted, maybe you should blame your state and not the Feds.

In Indiana, the governor created the “Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps” to use federal stimulus funds designated for employing and training of people 16 to 24 years old. The complete press release can be found here. To summarize, the YHCC will employ youth to complete projects across the state focusing on state parks and public areas.

Of particular interest is the group that has been assigned to complete mountain bike trails at Versailles State Park. The group has successfully completed a section of trail needed to link trails together to form a closed loop. This will allow for traffic to use both routes and make the trail available for mountain bike races, off road triathlons and trail runs.

Hats off to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for spending my tax dollars on something everyone can use and something that is needed to put the Midwest on track with the rest of the nation’s public lands!!

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