DH Racing this year, It has been a TOUGH year indeed ! I am at the top of my age class, 49 years old running in the 40-49 bracket.

Ninja takes 1st with Tom "Geezer" Judy pulling up 3rd. Hey Geezer, wheres your Evomo jersey?

Ninja takes 1st with Tom "Geezer" Judy pulling up 3rd. Hey Geezer, wheres your Evomo jersey?

2009 to date race results as follows;

  • 7 Races
  • 3 CRASHED Out, No Podium
  • 1 Mechanical No Podium
  • 1 First Place
  • 1 Third Place
  • 1 Fourth Place No Podium
  • 1 minor Injury, Cracked Rib on Crash during practice at Sol Vista National Championships

Bottom Line, more Crashes than Metals, more metals than Injuries, so, that is the positive spin. 2 more races on my list this year, Mammoth Bar OVH DH, near Auburn, CA, 10 minutes from home, September 12th and Northstar Final Race, Live Wire Classic, October 4th

More Evomo NorCal News….

Brett, moved to OreGON, and so, HE is GONE. However, had a great time with the fellas, and he joined us a couple of weeks ago at the Shasta Century Road Ride. I was with a client that owns a Chato in Weed, CA, NICE PAD, great name for a town, if you get my drift. I convinced Brett to come down and ride with us. He is about 16-20 years younger than us GeZers, that rode this day, so, he struck out earlier (Sunrise) to commit to a different MISSION, to ride the Super Century. Meanwhile, we took a lagers PACE line, with 5 riders, that slept in, had breakfast, took off on the same course, but, shorter distance to do the Metric Century. Hey, at least that was after doing 2 full days of DH Shuttle Drops on Mt Shasta ! Very COOL weekend.

Anyway, the fellas rode what I have deemed the Horton Triple 58er. Fifty-eight miles, with 5800 ft climbing (Top of Shasta) and done in 5 hours and 80 Minutes (6 hrs, 20 minutes for you mathematically challenged) Great day, and back at the pad in time for a Cold Brew and a warm Dip on the lake.

Meanwhile, back on the road, Srt Miller put in some serious roadie work. He got back to the Chato about 12.5 hours after he left, logged 149 miles, and 16,700 feet of Climbing !!! Better him than me. BTW, that old GeZer Pace line, did catch and add Srt Miller to the fold, we carried him for about 2 miles, until it was his turn to lead the pack, Well, he lead alright, at a blistering pace that left the rest of us in the dust, thinking about how good that beer was going to taste back at the Ranch. Well, when the Sarge did finally return to the roust, he was more subdued, DAMAGED is more like it, then any time I have ever seen him. He was actually quite, can you imagine that, and he was in bed by 10 PM, on a party night ! He must be getting closer to that GeZer age bracket !! I only hope this dude made it home in one piece, I have not heard from him, but, have also not heard of a tragic accident of a BIG DULY TRUCK and Toy Hauler, on the Hwy-5 recently, so, assume he made it back to OreGON !@!!

On another note, NINJA Jr and SR are both ripping it up ! Takahashi Jr injured his foot early in the season, and I thought he was done for the year. This guy must eat the same Wheaties and Lance Armstrong, because his come back tail this year has been PHENOMENAL. He has placed on the PODIUM I think in EVERY DH Race he has done this year, and unfortunately, I have to race against him !!! He is 39 (racing 40-49) I am 49, both running Cat 2 DH. He brought NINJA Senior up for the 3rd race at Northstar, JR Placed 1st, TJ 3rd, (he gapped me by 35 seconds on a 4 minute race) and NINJA Senior played the I DID NOT RACE BECAUSE I AM A WIMP LAST PLACE GUY. Had he run, he would have been assured a 2nd place finish, cause, there was only one other guy in the NINJA Senior Games Class/Division this day !!!

That is my Scribe and I am Sticking to it !

Gezer 1

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  1. Rish on August 27, 2009
    sounds like you guys are having a great time...
  2. Sedrik on August 28, 2009
    these guys are cool cats. no ego here... just real mountain bikers.

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