Joseph Allison is one Evomo’s latest loyal fans and found about Evomo on He runs a 2008 specialized demo 8 with Fox 40′s crossmax SX wheels, RaceFace bar/stem sram drivetrain and minion/ Michelin mud 3′s For wet weather. Would you believe that Joseph loves having different painted frames each season. Thats pretty trick.

We asked Joesph a few questions about mountain biking and stuff:

EVOMO: Whats your all time favorite trail to ride and why?
ALLISON: All the trails on Ward mountain. They are my favorite because they have a great mixture and a great place to train.

EVOMO: When did you first get into mountain biking and how did it come about?
ALLISON: I got into it about 4 years ago by a guy my friend hung out with who rode DH and street and i thought it was pretty awesome.


EVOMO: What has been your best finish in racing and what do you think
contributed to that finish?
ALLISON: 3rd place, It was a really wet race and I personaly love riding in the wet so i just had fun with it.

EVOMO: Whats your favorite race event and why?
ALLISON: Wentworth just because of the amount of people that come out.


EVOMO: What is your favorite Evomo shirt design and why?
ALLISON: Rukus Ranger, Its just a nice clean design.

EVOMO: You ever see a Sasquatch out in the mountains while riding?
ALLISON: We have set some traps around the trails but nothing yet.


EVOMO: Is there any truth to the rumor that Canada wants to merge with the U.S.?
ALLISON: Hahaha, I thought it was the other way around cause of our great Riding?

EVOMO: Whats the best thing about mountain biking?
ALLISON: The best thing about mountain biking is just the freedom it gives. Also the chances you get to meet new people and see new places that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to.


EVOMO: Do you cross train, say with other sports like hockey?
ALLISON: I do cross train i play Basketball in the Winter to stay in shape. I also ride my quad a lot i think that helps.

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I am French-Canadian (born in Chamonix, France - moved to Canada, raised in Montreal) and love to shave my legs. I really like girls and bikes. Mountain bike day and night. Bring the rukus! Equipped to ride bitches.... 2005 Turner DHR 2002 Cannondale Gemini 2004 Ducati Monster 696 1999 Yamaha YZ 250

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  1. Ryan Lindh on November 7, 2009
    Yeah Joe! Keep up the good work bro and congrats on the profile. Oh and thanks for the props for the Ward trails.
  2. Warrior on November 7, 2009
    Well Done Joseph Allison!

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