Adding to our crew of sponsored riders is Chris Gilbert, a.k.a Rukus Ranger. He hails from Massachusetts, you know Evomo East Coast style. Chris knows rocks, roots and lagers as well as mountain biking. I mean really this guy is tough to the core – including loosing a kidney at Mt. Snow. Here are a few things you don’t know about Chris and if you do then you are one of the few privileged enough to ride with him.

EVOMO:  whats your current bike set up? Do you own more than one bike?
GILBERT: My 2009 race bike…
Frame-Specialized Big Hit
Fork-Manitou Travis Triple Ti
Shock-Fox Vanilla RC
Brakes-Hayes storker Ace 8″ Rotors F/R
My 2010 race bike build in progress
Frame-MSC F5
Fork-Manitou Travis Triple Ti
Shock-Fox DHX 5.0
Brakes-Hayes Stroker Ace 8″ Rotors F/R

EVOMO: Whats your all time favorite trail?
GILBERT: Pats Peak DH race course in New Hampshire, because its the perfect mix of speed and technical riding. Its a trail that really makes you push your limits and have fun doing it.


EVOMO: When did you first get into mountain biking?
GILBERT: I’ve been biking since 1998 and racing since 2001. I came into biking through my father who would ride xc in the mountains around our house and I would join in after taking an interest in the sport. Then came to find out I only like going down hill.

EVOMO: What about racing, how has that been?
GILBERT:  So far my best finish was a 5th place at the Mount Snow Nationals in Vermont. It was a fast hard pack course that had a great flow and I was able to carry speed very well. It was a course that suited my style perfectly.


EVOMO: Whats your favorite race?
GILBERT: The Mount Snow Bike Fest. Its a huge even with every discipline in mountain biking covered all packed into a great weekend. In a time where there isnt many events like this left its great to have one here in the North East

EVOMO: So do you have a favorite part on your bike?
GILBERT: My favorite part would be the custom bottle opener I installed on the down tube!

EVOMO:  How about a favorite Evomo design?
GILBERT: The Venom Design t-shirt is just badass. Its a shirt that Rambo would be proud to wear.

The Evomo Venom shirt is made from 100% Naturaly Organic Southwestern Rattle Snake nut sacks woven together.

The Evomo Venom shirt is made from 100% Naturaly Organic Southwestern Rattle Snake nut sacks woven together.

EVOMO: You ever see Homer or Bart Simpson while riding?
GILBERT: There was this one dude riding the Clydesdale class who was the spitting image of homer, or maybe that was the beer talking.

EVOMO: Who would you like to hang out with?
GILBERT: I’d really like to grab a beer with Steve Peat and pick his brain to find out what has made him so good for so long.  Nothing better then hanging out by the grill with a beer in hand after a day of shredding the mountain.


EVOMO: Would you race a night time downhill race?
GILBERT: Yes! I’m all for moving the sport of DH into new areas. I for one have done some local DH runs at night with lights mounted it adds a whole new element to riding.

EVOMO: Whats do you really like about mountain biking?
GILBERT: Putting together that perfect run and giving it everything you’ve got then when your finished you think I can still go faster. I can never go fast enough and thats what keeps me coming back for more.


EVOMO: Whats scariest situation you have ever been in while riding/racing?
GILBERT: Sept. 2001 getting some DH riding in at mount snow with a friend of mine. Last run of the day I hit a large jump and my front wheel falls off. I hit the ground with the handle bar stuck in my left side and skid to a stop and it wasnt too scary at that time, it was only when the medical staff at the mountain said over the radio “massive internal damage” that I started to wonder if I’d be the same again. I ended up loosing my left kidney and almost bled to death twice but thats all behind me now and Im back and looking to rip hard.

EVOMO: Is there any truth to rumor that the Patriots are moving to Los Angeles in 2011?
GILBERT: About as much truth to that as there is to the rumor that Gisele Bundchen is leaving Tom Brady to be with me!

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