Team was founded by RL and myself as an “experiment” to support local racers, we asked Evomo if they would like to become one of our sponsors and they gladly accepted.

To say that we had a surprisingly successful season is almost an understatement, all racers brought home hardware and 5 racers brought home the SRC Championship jerseys.

Kim Finch, aka “The Champ” brought home 3 SRC championship jerseys and the SoCal Triple Crown Jersey. She placed 1st in XC, SuperD and DH. She was also runner up on the Kenda Cup National Championship series, that is #2 in the country!!!

Priscilla “Lady P” Policar, yes, she is RL’s wife, not his sister! Priscilla earned her SRC XC championship Jersey racing the hard way. She is a mother of three, a full time worker and she is married to RL so she makes the most out of her training time.

Eric “The Animal” Hunner is one beast of a rider (pun intended). Eric races singlespeed rigid and tears up his competition. He is also an endurance racer participating in this year’s Counting Coup and the Traverse. Eric also brought home the SRC Championship Jersey along with the SoCal Triple Crown winners jersey.

Following the steps of “The Animal” is David “El Guapo” Sanderson, he placed 4th overall on the SRC singlespeed series and he had great success when he tried Downhill racing. David is a very talented rider, and despite being new to racing he does not like to race on the xc beginner’s categories because he “ain’t no sandbagger”.

Joe Solancho (J. Sizzzle) races on my age group and category. He kicked some butt on SuperD and he ended up taking first place over all on the SRC series. Joe also likes to race XC from time to time, but he has become another fearless DH racer. Joe placed 3rd overall on the SRC Downhill series.

Wes Castro is our newest addition to our team. Wes races Downhill and he is thinking of giving 4X a try. Wes placed 2nd on the RockShox Golden State DH Championship. He has also earned multiple podiums on different races.

My partner in crime, RL Policar. He and I got bitten by the race bug and we suited up and gave Downhill a try. RL has great bike handling skills and earned the SRC Championship Jersey on the 200lbs + category.

The irony of things… BT and I had a conversation on how I would never try downhill racing because I thought it was nuts…. Well, I guess I am nuts!!! Although I attribute everything to my fearless alter ego “The Moe”. The Moe also brought some hardware to his trophy case, he placed 5th overall on the SRC SuperD series, 2nd overall on the Downhill SRC series and 3rd on the Golden State DH championships.

Team will continued to be sponsored by Evomo for 2010, we are looking forward to keep taking names and bring more hardware home!

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  1. RL on January 5, 2010
    Great job team, BT and Sedrik, thanks for all your support! RL
  2. Rish on January 7, 2010
    Good job guys!

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