2009 Yamaha Apex GT = Fast!!!
Well with this weekend being the first of many 29th birthdays I decided to get out on the snowmobile with some friends one of which having a prominent stable of very high quality sleds.  We started out with a quick ride to Rick’s parents house to swap sleds and from there we rode the twisty stuff which would compare to mtb singletrack.  Diving into corners and opening it up on the wide open double track and finally squeezing the throttle to bar and seeing how fast you shoot across a frozen lake, and on the sled above, it was extremely fast in the respect that going 70 felt comfortable I didn’t care to look down on the lakes but 100mph couldn’t have been out of the question  I wish I had my ERGON grips on it though and the BD1 pack was nice as I could drink while pounding the snow.  The end of the ride led us to a local bar/campground for pizza and soda (no really, soda, I don’t drink on the sled).  What a ride,  What a weekend with great friends time to go to sheboygan this upcoming weekend to pick up a toy the people that typically follow this site are used to seeing.  The Salsa Mamasita!!!  Who wants to ski at the camp next weekend?

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  1. BT on January 11, 2010
    sounds like a great birthday!

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