Bobby Rishel AKA: Rish has been representing Evomo out in PA for a few years now. Typically you’ll find Rish out on the Central Mountains Shared-Use Trails System and Nail Trail System. They both offer a great mixture of singletrack, hill climbing for training. We had a chance to interview him for our followers out there to learn more about what makes him tick (besides a case of Yuengling).

EVOMO: whats your current bike set up?
RISH: My current bike set up is KHS XC TEAM 2007 with FOX 32 F-SERIES, Titec Pluto Carbon stem, seatpost/saddle and handlebars, Shimano XT wheelset UST with Kenda small block eight, Shimano drivetrain, Crank Bros eggbeater SL and can’t forget about Ergon GX1 grips.

EVOMO: When did you first get into mountain biking?
RISH: I got into it about 13 years ago by Dave Wilson at the LBS who invited me to join a group ride.


EVOMO: What has been your best finish in racing?
RISH: 4th place at Laurel Classic Mountain Bike Challenge. I would say hard training paid off!

EVOMO: Whats your favorite race event?
RISH: Cascade Classic Mountain Bike Race (Formally known as the CAT Classic) because the course is the best.

EVOMO: What is your favorite part of your bike?
RISH: Ergon GX1 Leichtbau grips because my fingers never go numb.

EVOMO: What is your favorite Evomo shirt/clothing design?
RISH: Evomo Rukus International, I think the design of it is awesome.


EVOMO: Being out in the deep woods of PA, have you ever come across a bear playing a banjo and drinking moon shine?
RISH: HAHAHA…I have never came across that (yet), but that would be awesome!

EVOMO: Have you ever been to the hospital due to a mountain bike injury?
RISH: Yes I have been to the hospital due to mountain bike injury which happened back in June of this year at Tour De Tykes XC race in Danville, PA. I had a concussion and broken blood vessels in my left eye.

EVOMO: Whats the best thing about mountain biking?
RISH: Is having the freedom to ride some of the best singletrack in Central PA.


EVOMO: How did you find out about Evomo?
I found out about Evomo from Jay Hughen – Evomo Team Rider. I thought Evomo could be a awesome company to ride for.

EVOMO: How often do you train?
RISH: I average about 200 miles a week and ride pretty much every day during race season.

EVOMO: Do you cross train, say with other sports like hunting?
RISH: I do cross train by hiking, kayaking, running, tennis and swimming.


EVOMO: Whats the deal with all the roots and rocks out there in PA? Can we get those removed and put some nice flat fire roads in?
RISH: I would have to be honest and say it offers some of the best technical riding in PA. NO WAY DUDE, we dont need your west coast fire roads!

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  1. Rukus Ranger on February 19, 2010
    Hell ya bro. No west coast fire roads here in the east! Rocks and roots all the way!
  2. Jonny D Uoshebag on February 23, 2010
    Rish sounds like he's gay.
  3. Rish on March 7, 2010
    sorry mr drag queen for your info...I LIKE WOMEN!
  4. Jay Hughen on March 21, 2010
    Nice write up guys! Looking forward to this season of XC racing and trials bike comps! However, I might be moving to New England within the next few months. Anyway, I heard they have some nice riding up that way.
  5. Tony on April 4, 2010
    Hey I have a question? I looked up the results for the Laurel Classic Mountain Bike Challenge and your best result was in Beginner 19-29 in 2008 was FIFTH place. Not 4th. Did you forget?

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