April 7 – Prarie City Wed Night MTB Race Series – Rancho Cordova, Ca
ended up with a strong 5th place in the semi pro catagory. race started off slow for me due to my 15 min warm up. i was doing announcing for the event so i jes couldnt get a longer warm up in….took me till lap 2-3 really to get warmed up. but me and couple others yo yo-ed back and forth throughout the entire race and since it rained the day before, the back half of the course had some MAJOR puddles that turned into a huge mess once 500 racers came riding through them. people were wiping out everywhere infront of me.  my poor bike got thrashed! anyway, this week i was just coming off of a recovery week of really doing nothing for the most part, so i felt my legs could have been faster…just need a longer warm up next time….


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