Much like Brad Pitt in that lame movie “Seven Years in Tibet” I have had to undergo extreme hardship in the cause of trying to find myself this past year. Too much school, too much office work, too much the man trying to keep me down and certainly not nearly enough RUKUS to keep life even remotely interesting.

Like most people going through life change I sought control over my otherwise out of control world and grew a sweet old man river beard and put on some short shorts. This didn’t work. I put the bike up for a few months to focus on finishing the education the man tells me I need. That hasn’t worked. I even reverted to a primitive state, running barefoot through the streets of AZ looking for meaning and purpose. That just got me dirty scratched up feet, but no new direction.

My search lead me to the Grand Canyon and the transformation of hippie beard into radical handlebar mustache. My goal was to run it rim to rim, all 24 miles, in under 7 hours. The main draw back was that with this incredibly manly mustache I stood a high chance of inadvertently impregnating fertile women along the way. Not that I would actually have intercourse with these galls but the power of the mustache is so high that things like this are known to happen….its science.
The run went well, lots of communing with nature and other hippie bull crap. But on the south rim as I slaved up those infernal log steps it came to me, the higher meaning of the RUKUS, the enlightenment that is 20-11 a RUKUS RE-ENVENTION. Feel it my brothers and sisters, right down in those anti-social bones of yours. Let lose the inner beast that craves to get out and tear the living crap out of all this convention you’ve surrounded yourself in. Follow the Evolution at evomo.com

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  1. Michael "Ninja"" Takahashi on March 17, 2011
    Nice Adventure!!! Fear the Mustache!

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