With the Christmas shopping season well underway, manic gift buyers are braving the cold weather to desperately search high and low for those perfect presents. It can be a frustrating time of year, especially for loved ones who are hard to buy for. No matter how old the recipient is, a classic gift idea is a shiny new bike. Few Christmas memories are as cherished and exciting as seeing a brand new bike wrapped up under the tree, and few presents are as long-lasting and fun as BMX bikes.

For The Adrenaline Junkies

Sturdy, compact BMXs have always been associated with flips, spins and grinding tricks. The bikes are used to wow and impress onlookers with manic tricks that require skill and experience. They are much more durable than skateboards, and they are just as practical away from the skatepark. The bikes can also be used on dirt, motocross and trial tracks. These winding and often exhaustive courses are a better alternative for those who prefer to have an exciting bike ride rather than learning skate tricks.

Great For Travelling, Too

BMX bikes are versatile, and they are a perfect gift because they can do so much more than just fancy tricks. While they may not be suitable for long distances or the daily commute, a BMX can be a quick and easy way to travel. Whether its cycling to a friend’s house, going to school and back or just rushing down to the shop, a new bike is sure to see a lot of mileage as they are so easy to jump on and take out for a quick spin. They can even be taken on trains and most buses, so they can make a perfect accompaniment for a day trip or longer journey.

Don’t Worry About The Bike Shed

Compared to a normal road or mountain bike, a BMX is much easier to find room for. The small, sturdy frames are easier to store away under the stairs or in a hallway when compared to bigger bikes. Better yet, they will fit in the back of most cars, so a cumbersome bike rack isn’t needed for driving to skate parks or motocross tracks.

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