Yak Attack  400KM 12,000M 10D

The Yak Attack is by far one of the most challenging multi-day mountain bike stage races I have come across. I am not speaking from experience. Oh no (not yet at least, as it is being added to my epic mountain bike event bucket list)… but rather from reading up on what Ergon Team rider and Evomo friend, Sonya Looney achieved last year at the Yak Attack and what she is doing this year to get ready for the 2013 event.

This year Sonya is returning with team mate Yuki Ikeda to Nepal where she and Ikeda will compete in a race takes them from elevations of 4,000 ft up to 17,000 ft over the nearly 10 days of racing. It’s estimated they will cover 400Km and rack up about 12,000 metres (39K feet) of cumulative climbing. My legs are starting to cramp up just thinking about that and my lungs are feeling a bit on fire thinking about pedaling at 17,000 feet.

My biggest fear last year was summiting almost 18,000′, but now I know I can. It’s hard as hell, especially with a bike on your back at 4 AM on the ice, snow, and sub zero temps. Fear of what I cannot control is in the back of my mind, but it’s not going to affect my attitude or stress me out.
Sonya Looney Ergon-Topeak

For those of you who know Sonya, you will know she is more than just a pretty face, she kicks ass and tears up the trails. I am sure there is not a day that goes by where she does not think about the Yak Attack and what she need to do to get there and finish.

Read how Looney and Ikeda are preparing for the hardest mountain bike race on the planet:

Think you have the strength, endurance and mental fortitude to even attempt the Yak Attack?

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