Capitol Police Confiscate SIGG Bottle

Well, I am in Washington D.C. our Nations Capitol. Amazing city, beautiful architecture and endless amounts of security everywhere you go. ENDLESS. It never stops….

Community Service is not Fun

EVOMO: So what exactly happened that day in Hollywood where you were arrested? JAMI: well I was out with Bryan shooting some pics of me…

Rukus Hath Brought Glory

Rukus Hath Brought Glory

Evomo RIder Jami Pellegrino tables a police cruiser in Los Angeles

Last weeks antics with the Police in Los Angeles were well worth the sick photo we got above!

Need I say more… unless of course there are some dope magazines out there that want to hire me to shoot some mad pics!


Bring the Rukus, but Don’t Bring the Cops

Bring the Rukus, but Don’t Bring the Cops

We like to get the guys together and do some photo sessions for our rides. Its lots of fun and we get lots of great material for promoting the brand and creating graphics for our apparel line.

Lately we have been embracing this theme of “Bring the Rukus”. Its become the team motto. Its on the jerseys and stickers too. Well this weekend we brought on too much rukus. Seriously.

We wanted to get some urban stuff going on, especially since we are based in Los Angeles. I mean really, its a mecca of street style and plenty of man made places to get some great shots, sweet jumps and all that…